Scottish American Military Society
Post 1889

Regional Commander:  –  Robert E. Donaldson
Phone:  253–720–2788

Post 1889 Staff

Post Commander:  –  Vernon E. Johnson
Phone:  253-884-6001
Email:  Post Commander

Post Vice Commander:  –  Daniel Phillips
Phone:  360-509-6290
Email:  Post Vice Commander

Post Adjutant/Treasurer:  –  Debbie Donaldson
Phone:  253-720-2788
Email:  Post Adjutant/Treasurer

Asst Post Adjutant/Treasurer:  –  Bruce Birchall
Phone:  425-334-5903
Email:  Asst Post Adjutant/Treasurer

Post Quartermaster:  –  Vernon Johnson
Phone:  253-884-6001
Email:  Post Quartermaster

Asst Post Quartermaster:  –  Robert E Donaldson
Phone:  253-720-2788
Email:  Asst Post Quartermaster

Post Color Sergeant:  –  Shane Inman
Phone:  360-941-0861
Email:  Post Color Sergeant

Asst Post Color Sergeant:  –  Clinton Colvin
Phone:  253-948-7721
Email:  Asst Post Color Sergeant

Post Webmaster:  –  Greg Walsh
Phone:  360-556-2172
Email:  Webmaster

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